Four centenarians in Bayawan City received P50,000 cash incentive

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BAYAWAN CITY, NEGROS ORIENTAL — Under the Centenarian Act of 2016, residents who reach the age of 100 and above get cash incentives for reaching an advanced age.

The Bayawanon centenarians who received P50,000 each are: Condrada Mariano, 100 years old, from Sitio Mantapi, Brgy. Nangka; Potenciano Tampioc, 100 years old, from Sitio San Ramon, Brgy. Poblacion; Adelina Erem, 110 years old, from Sitio Balatong, Brgy. Manduao; and Cristita Valor, 100 years old, from Brgy. Nangka.

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