Celebrating Jace’s 21st birthday in Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia

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VALENCIA, NEGROS ORIENTAL — Went to Pulang Bato Falls (a.k.a Malabo Falls) located in Pulang Bato, Valencia, Negros Oriental to celebrate Jace’s 21st birthday (August 24, 2019) away from the city and to enjoy what nature has to offer.

A little overview of the place

At the foot of Cuernos del Negros or Mount Talinis is the town of Valencia in Negros Oriental, home to numerous waterfalls including Pulangbato Falls, otherwise known as Malabo Falls. With its proximity and accessibility from Dumaguete City, it is fast becoming a tourism hot spot.

Pulangbato Falls is one of the so called Twin Falls of Barangay Malabo. As the name suggests, Twin Falls is made up of two cascades coming from two different sources. One is a clear and narrow drop while the other is the famed Pulangbato as the water cascades on a wall covered with sulfur deposits making it appear red (or orange) in color.

Pulangbato Fall has a height of approximately 30-feet with deep and sloping catch basin. Its water originates from the highland of Okoy River Valley at the base of Mount Talinis, a potentially active volcano. Despite the presence of sulfur, bathing in the waterfalls is permitted.

Check these images below taken on August 24, 2019
Using Canon EOS 200D + Kit Lens

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