Cebu Escape with Dude – Simala, Basilica, and Wingers Unlimited

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CEBU CITY — Me and dude (Fel Marie) went to Cebu City for a slight escape from reality 😂😂. We visited Simala Shrine 🙏, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu ⛪, SM Seaside Cebu, Fuente Osmeña Circle, and of course, Wingers Unlimited 🐔. This all happened on June 29, 2019. By the way, we just did these things in less than 24 hrs, including travel time.

We went directly straight to Sibulan Port around 7AM and boarded the Fast Craft (owned by Santander Express). Arrived in Liloan, Santander in less than an hour. Of course, we already secured seats for Ceres Bus (kay basin mabiyaan or di niya kasakay pa siyudad 😂). For those who haven’t tried fast craft yet, kindly ask for the seat number for the Ceres Bus alongside with your ferry ticket.

In going to Simala Church, we rode a bus (Ceres Tours this time) from Liloan Port, Santander straight to Simala. Travel will just take roughly 2-3 hours, depending on the traffic for that day.

Simala Shrine. The shrine is located in the uphill area of Upper Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. It is the monastery of the Holy Eucharist, or popularly known as the Simala Shrine, others also called the place as Cebu’s Castle Church. I have been there several times, and the church still takes my breath away. It is a few hours as well away from Cebu City, but the long travel is worth it once you get there. Here are some pics we have on the place.

NOTE: I am not fond of taking pictures inside the church.

We then ate lunch and then head to Cebu City. We went to SM Seaside Cebu City and of course, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu. We ate our dinner in Wingers Unlimited, and then roam around Fuente Osmeña Circle to wind up after the whole day of walking. We went to Cebu City South Bus Terminal by 11:00 PM to board on a bus for first trip, which is 12AM, going to Liloan, Santander. We arrive around 3AM in Liloan, roughly 3 hours travel from the city. First trip of fastcraft going to Dumaguete City is around 4 AM. We arrived back in Dumaguete around 6 AM. Below are our pictures you might want to check out.

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