Barangay Tinago Chairman Harry Gonzales shot dead

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DUMAGUETE CITY — Barangay Tinago, Dumaguete City chairman Harry Gonzales was shot dead Tuesday (June 16, 2020) night, local police confirm.

Eyewitness reports say Gonzales was shot while on duty outside the Tinago outpost by three to four motorcycle-riding gunmen, all of whom didn’t have backriders.

He was rushed to the Holy Child Hospital but was declared dead at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, case investigator PMSgt. Anthony Alanano of the Dumaguete City Police Station said.

Police Report

WhoHowWhatWhereWhenEvidence RecoveredWhy
Victim: HARRISON KALUBIRAN GONZALES, 52 years old, married, Barangay Captain of aforesaid place, and a resident of Barangay Piapi, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Injury Sustained: Multiple Gunshot Wounds – Eight (8) gunshot wounds at the abdomen, five (5) gunshot wounds at the back of the body, One (1) gunshot wounds at the shoulder and One (1) gunshot wound at the back of the head.

Suspect: Unidentified male person wearing dark jacket, pants, medium in built and wearing face mask.

A call received by this station from a local concerned resident concerning the shooting incident transpired at Barangay Tinago, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Upon receipt of information, immediately first responder mobile 016 manned by PMSg Adling and PAU Sapuan and other personnel of this station and available mobile to include on-duty Investigator proceed to the said place to verify the said incident and to conduct investigation. While thereat, victim was immediately brought to Holy Child Hospital for his immediate medical attention thru private easy ride. Unfortunately, victim was pronounced dead by resident Dr. Richmon Azuela at around 10:15 PM of July 16, 2020. At the immediate scene, the undersigned investigator then called for the assistance of the SOCO personnel led by PLtCol Ponce De Leon to process the crime scene. Initial investigation disclosed that victim together with their barangay kagawads were rendering duty at barangay outpost of the said barangay in relation to COVID-19. Circumstantial witness barangay kagawad Jugemar Cañete, 52 years old, married, barangay kagawad of said place and a resident of same place disclosed when interviewed that on the afore-mentioned place, date and time they were sitting in front of barangay out post when suddenly suspects appeared and shot the said victim many times with the use of .45 caliber pistol hitting at the different parts of his body causing his instantaneous death. After the incident, suspect/s exited to unknown direction. Sifted evidence was under the custody of the SOCO for ballistic examination. Victim was brought at the Saint Peter located at Bacong,Negros Oriental for Post Morten Examination to be performed by City Health Officer II, Dr. Maria Sarah Talla. Personnel of this CPS are conducting hot pursuit operation for possible identification and arrest of the fleeing suspects. Motive of this incident is yet to determine.
Shooting Incident
Barangay Tinago, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
9:30 pm more or less of June 16, 2020
1. Eight (8) pieces empty fire cartridge of Caliber .45;
2. Two (2) pieces slug of Caliber .45;
3. One (1) unit cellular phone.
Suspect/s with intent to kill shot the victim hitting at the back of head and body thereby causes his instantaneous death.

CCTV Footage

This CCTV footage taken Tuesday night shows Barangay Tinago chairman Harry Gonzales (in blue and white striped polo shirt) was shot and killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen. Police have yet to determine the motive behind the shooting. In this video, a lone motorcycle-riding gunman is seen drawing his pistol and shooting the chairman multiple times before driving away with two other suspects. (Video Courtesy by Juancho Gallarde via Yes the Best Dumaguete Facebook Page)

WARNING: Video contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

Makeshift Memorial

Residents of Tinago set up a makeshift memorial on the very spot where their barangay chairman Harrison Gonzales was shot and killed Tuesday night. Behind it are the table and chairs where the chairman and his fellow officials were sitting on when the murder happened.

Photo Credits to Raffy Cabristante, 106.3 Yes The Best News Editor

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